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I help writers at every stage of the process, from idea to finished draft, always with a focus on supporting the author’s voice, point of view, and political perspective.

Over the last two decades, I’ve edited the essays, memoirs, and polemics of both renown and first-time authors from all over the world. And while I’m open to the possibility of working with any writer, this editing project is mainly focused on two groups.

— Those from under-represented communities who seek to clarify individual voice and shift dominant narratives with an eye toward publication.

— Academics looking to mold work (or create new work) that will pull from intensive research and speak to a broad audience, With the goal of placing the work n publications outside the academy, to dismantle damaging frames and offer new pathways of resistance.

My rates vary depending on the writer’s circumstances. To discuss this, as well as process, please reach out. In the body of the email, include short paragraphs describing yourself and your project.